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                YPG started in 2002, focusing on the design and research and development of art glass. It has made great contributions to interior decorative glass products, serving many large real estate developers, star hotels, super shopping malls and other business places.

                Continue to research and develop the product range, expand the product to the exterior wall decoration, focus on the matching of the facade of famous stores; the image building of super mall; the promotion of the atmosphere space, exhibition, museum and field of high-end office buildings.

                With the development of YPG and the strength of the design and R & D team, we have our own "glass service material city", which serves the design units and designers from all over the world, innovates the ever-changing art glass, and promotes the development of art glass industry.

                We have been on the road of art, taking glass as the medium, pursuing the direction of characteristic curtain wall, and building a good architectural body of every artistic outer wall ...



                  我們一直在藝術的路上㊣ ,以玻璃為媒介,追求特色幕墻看起来就好像是黑社会出游般的方向,打造好每一個藝術外墻的建築體...

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