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                Glass arl·make the world more luxurlous......
                High safety; high transmittance; high aesthetics; high environmental protection.
                Provide solutions for the construction of urban architectural complexes and add creative color to the city.
                Safety glass is a high-grade safety glass made of two or more layers of toughened glass sandwiched between PVB or SGP film and pressed at high temperature.
                The product series developed in conjunction with the color intermediate layer of Vanceva in the United States has enhanced the collision with art glass in the originally mature product system.
                Glass NET
                YPG introduced SYNTARQUI to China, combined with art deco glass technology and Chinese aesthetics of design, and optimized the GLASS NET series.
                It has carved various textures that are criss-cross, patchy and jagged. Under the irradiation of light, it will emit crystal clear, sparkling, which plays a very good decorative effect.
                It is sintered at a high temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, and the glaze is integrated with the glass. Anti-scratch, anti-oxidation, rich colors, long-lasting colors, rich patterns
                OUTDOOR ART GLASS/室外︾藝術玻璃①
                As an enterprising company, we are guided by advanced concepts and profound design skills, based on standardized management and superb construction technology, with humane and personalized engineering products and services, and make unremitting efforts to improve and Relying on a perfect service system that exceeds the consumer value of customers, with the advantage of low-cost operation in an industrialized mode, we are committed to providing customers with one-stop services.
                • Art
                  Adhere to the pursuit of beauty
                • Quality
                  Adhere to the pursuit of quality
                • Creativity
                  Adhere to the pursuit of quality
                Agent system
                • Provincial agent
                • Municipal Agent
                • District Agent
                Global franchise
                Global franchise agents: ypgartglass@163.com